Help Using This Site

For trouble or questions about we recommend you browse through this quick help guide. It should answer most questions you may have. If you need additional help please feel free to Contact Us.

Lost Password

How can I recover a lost or forgotten username/password?

  1. From the sign in page select the Forgot password? link or click here.
  2. Enter your email address associated with your account and click the [Submit] button.
  3. Check your email inbox. If the email does not arrive in your inbox be sure to check your junk mail folder or spam filter.
  4. Click the reset link in that email.
  5. Choose a new password.

How can I change my username and/or password?
Usernames are not changeable. To change your password do the following:

  1. From your logged in account, go to your "My Account" area.
  2. From the left hand menu, select "Account > Password."
  3. Enter your current password.
  4. Choose your new password.
  5. Save your changes by clicking the [Change Password] button.


Do I have to register?
Yes! We require all users to register to use our site. Registration is fast, easy, and FREE!

How much does registration cost?
Registration is FREE!

Doe you verify all registration information?
We only require you to verify your email address.

I did not receive my registration confirmation email?
Registration confirmation emails typically are sent within a few minutes of registration. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folders. If you have not received our email after 2 hours please Contact Us.

Why do you require a credit card?<
We require a valid credit card to register for to help verify your identity. This also reduces the amount of fake or unqualified accounts from being created and provides our users with a quality buying/selling experience.

I noticed a small charge on my credit card after registration?
To verify your credit card we may place a small $1, $2, or $3 charge on your account. This is NOT A FEE and will be refunded within a few hours after the charge is placed. If you are charged a fee and do not see a refund please Contact Us.


How can I buy/bid on an item?
Read our How-To-Buy guide.

How much do you charge to buy?
There is no fee to purchase. You only pay for the cost of the item determined by your bid and/or the seller. We add on no extra fees.

How do I bid on a listing?
You must be a registered user to bid. Once registered simply click on any item you wish to bid upon. Place your Maximum Proxy Bid in the field provided. The Maximum Proxy Bid is the highest amount you are willing to bid on an item. It is not revealed to anyone. The system will automatically enter the lowest bid possible to win the auction up to your maximum proxy bid amount.

I Won, Now What?
In most cases, the seller will send you a final invoice via email. It is then both the buyers and sellers responsibility to contact each other and arrange for payment.

How do I pay once I won.
Typically, the buyer will state in the auction description how they wish to be paid. The seller will also include payment instructions on the winning invoice. It is the buyers and sellers responsibility to agree upon a payment method.

I won, but the buye never contacted me. If you won an auction but have not heard from the buyer, we recommend you try to contact the seller through the website system.

  1. From your logged in account, go to your "My Account" area.
  2. From the left hand menu, select "Bidding > Won."
  3. From the winning auction, click the 'GEAR' icon on the right and select 'CONTACT'
  4. Send the seller a message
  5. If the seller does not respond within 24 hours please Contact Us.

What are the auction 'bid-increments'?
The amount you must bid to 'beat' an existing bid depends upon the current selling price of the item up for auction. Refer to the table below:

$0 $.25
$5 $0.50
$10 $1
$50 $2.50
$100 $5
$500 $10
$1000 $25
$5000 $50
$10000+ $100


How can I sell an item?
Read our How-To-Sell guide.

How much do you charge to sell?
We offer a flat fee of only $0.99 for any listing. That includes a title, subtitle, description (HTML) and up to 6 images of your product. There are additional items to enhance your listing and help promote it that can increase the cost of your listing if selected.

Do you charge a Final Value Fee?
Unlike other auction sites we DO NOT charge a fee based upon the selling amount of your item, also known as a Final Value Fee.

How long can auctions run?
We offer 5, 7, 10, and 15 day auctions.

What is auto-relist?
Auto-Relist is a feature that, when selected, automatically re-lists your auction item again should your auction end with no bidders. You can Auto-Relist up to 3 times. Placing a "0" will prevent your auction from re-listing. Note: Every time your auction re-lists you will be charge your listing fees.

I Sold My Item, Now What?
In most cases, you should send the buyer a final invoice that includes the item costs and any shipping fees. It is then both the buyers and sellers responsibility to contact each other and arrange for payment.

Can I end my auction early?
Yes, simply choose 'End Auction' from the option menu while viewing that auction.


Am I notified if I win an auction?
Yes. Our system sends a variety of emails to you for winning, updates, bid notices, etc.

I am not receiving any emails. What's wrong?
All emails will come from ''. Please make sure to allow that email address in your junk/spam filter. You may also want to check your junk/spam folders for any of our emails.

I have emailed the buyer and/or seller but received no response.
If you are having communications problems in contacting the other party please Contact Us and we'll do our best to assist you.