Fees and Refund Policy

Discounted Fees

GunAuction99.com by Rocket Radio, Inc. offers deep discounts to list guns, knives, and related items for sales. Because of our deep discounts it is important that users understand our fees and our refund policy. If you have additional questions please contact us.


Our discounted rates are designed to provided our users with deep discounts when compared to other auction sites. An example is below:

Single Listing for a $1500 item at GunAuction99.com
  1. Basic Listing = $0.99 FREE!
Single listing for a $1500 item at other sites
  1. $25 times 5% = $1.25
  2. $975 times 2.5% = $24.38
  3. $500 times 1.25% = $6.25
  4. Total = $31.88

Summary Of Seller Fees

Listing Fee FREE
HTML Listings FREE
Subtitle FREE
First Image FREE
Additional Images FREE
Post Classified FREE
Good Till Cancelled FREE
Featured Listing $.99
Sales Badge $.99
Highlight $.99
Bold $.99
YouTube Video $.99

Final Value Fee

FREE! GunAuction99.com does NOT charge a fee based upon the final value (selling price) of listings.


Buyer Fees

GunAuction99.com does NOT charge buyers a fee. Buyers pay only the price of the purchased item.


How Fees Are Calculated

GunAuction99.com charges sellers a flat fee of $0.99 per each individual listing item. To calculate listing fees simply multiple the number of listings times $0.99. As an example, if you list 10 items in one single day you will be charged $0.99 X 10 for a total of $9.99. The flat fee of $0.99 per listing is charged at the time of each listing and is NON-Refundable. Additional fees are charged by GunAuction99.com for listing enhancements such as Bold, Highlight, YouTube Video, Sales Badge, and Featured Listing that are selected and purchased at the time of the listing creation. These additional enhancement fees are NON-Refundable. If an auction ends and you have selected to auto-relist your item you will be charged the listing fee and any additional fees based upon your item selection. GunAuction99.com shall will not refund of your fees if your item does not sell, if the buyer fails to complete the deal, or for other reasons outside the control of GunAuction99.com. GunAuction99.com does NOT charge a final value fee.