How To Buy

How To Buy Guide

In order to buy on you must have an account with us. If you do not already have an account you can easily create a FREE account by registering here.

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1. Browse/Search The Website

The website offers various ways to find items for sale. You can click on CATEGORIES and select an area of interest, you can SELECT on a item from the main page listings, or you can enter a KEYWORD in the search area.

2. Select The Item

When you find an item that you wish to bid simply click on the item image or the BID NOW button to bring up that particular item. If you are not logged into your account you'll be asked to login. Next, you'll be presented with the main information screen for that particular item.

3. Place Your Bid

The item's main screen shows you the current bid information. To place a bid, simply enter your maximum bid, click the SUBMIT BID button, and then confirm your bid amount. Your bid must be at or above the listed 'Minimum Bid' shown on the screen. will start at the lowest bid price possible and then bid incrementally for you up to your maximum bid. Your maximum bid is kept a secret from other users.

4. Bid Complete

You've placed your bid on an item. You'll see a confirmation screen with your current bid amount and your maximum bid amount. We'll also send you an email detailing your recent bid for that item.

5. You Won, Now what?

If you win an auction there are a couple of different ways for you to complete the sale. All payments for items are made between the buyer and the seller. does not handle payments between buyers and sellers.

Upon winning you will be sent an email. Inside the email there is a link where you can CONTACT the seller. Use this link to contact the seller and arrange for payment.

Login to your account and click ACCOUNT --> MY ACCOUNT HOME from the top menu bar. From the left side menu, under BIDDING click on WON and you'll see a list of bids you won. You can then select to VIEW INVOICE or CONTACT the seller to arrange for payment for any bid.