How To Sell

Sell An Item

In order to sell on you must have an account with us. If you do not already have an account you can easily create a FREE account by registering here.

It is important that before you sell an item you have setup the PAYMENT settings for your user account so buyers know how to pay you when they win an auction.

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1. Select A Category

To place an item for sale click SELL at the top of any page. You'll then be asked to select a category for your item. Choose the category that best describes your items. Some categories may require multiple selections to best define your item.


2. Choose Listing Type

There are two ways you can sell on AUCTION or FIXED PRICE. In an AUCTION, you place an item for sale and buyers place bids until the close of the auction, at which time the item goes to the highest bidder. In a FIXED PRICE, you place an item for sale with a fixed price. There is no bidding.


3. Title & Description

Provide a Title, Subtitle, and Description for your item. Titles should contain the manufacturer, make, and model of items. Subtitles are generally used to provice detail such as 'In Good Condition', 'Brand New', "Includes extra accessories', plus provide additional quick-look information. The description for your items should provide potential buyers with as much information as possible about your item. The use of HTML tags is permitted.


4. Set Your Price

Set your STARTING BID, optional RESERVE PRICE, and optional BUY NOW price. The starting bid is the amount you require for the 1st bid. A reserve price is an optional, hidden minimum price. It is the lowest price that you are willing to accept for the item. Leave blank if not used. A buy it now price allows anyone to skip the bid process and buy your item instantly for this set price. Leave blank if not used.

Set your PRICE price and the QUANTITY of items you have. For quantities greater than 1, buyers are not required to purchase all to make a buy.


5. Upload Images, YouTube Video, and PDF's.

Each listing is allowed up to 6 IMAGES. The first image will be used as the main image with up to 5 supporting images. You can also add a YouTube video link to enhance your listing. If you have PDF documents such as instructions, documents, warranty papers, etc. you can also include those. For each area simply CLICK the appropriate button and add your files.


6. Listing Options provides enhancements for your listing to improve your chances of a successful auction.


7. Shipping

If you wish, you can add shipping from one of the five choices. To provide FREE SHIPPING, simply select FREE SHIPPING and enter a cost of "0". FLAT RATE SHIPPING is useful when you do not know how you may ship the item but have a reasonable expectation of your cost to ship. USPS, FedEx, and UPS are options if you allow buyers a preference of carrier. Additional Costs is useful when an item may require extra handling or preparation to ship. The cost of a box, pallet, would be placed here.

!!IMPORTANT!! When you are satisfied with your selection click ADD to add that shipping option. YOU MAY ADD VARIOUS TYPES OF SHIPPING AND YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO JUST ONE! However, if you select FREE SHIPPING you should not have any other entries.


8. Payment Details

This section lists your payment details for the buyer. All these settings are managed under your account payment setting accessed in the MY ACCOUNT --> MY ACCOUN SETTINGS --> PAYMENTS

Allow Instand Checkout
This allows buyers to instantly view their invoice upon winning.

Accept PayPal
Do you accept PayPal.

Payment Instructions
How should the buyer pay you. It's best to provide a description stating if you take PayPal, credit cards, checks, etc.

Default Invoice Comment
A note that is at the end of your invoices.

PayPal Email
If you accept PayPal, be sure your PayPal email address is listed here.

To make changes to any of these items you can click the EDIT PAYMENT SETTINGS text and you will be taking to your payment settings. Once updated you can return to the same point in your listing.


9. Duration

Select the DURACTION of your auction. AUTO RELIST is how many times your auction will 're-list' itself if your item does not sell and the listing expires. Please note that you will be re-charged your listing fee's every time your auction auto relists.


10. Review and Submit

The POST LISTING FEE is the sum of all your listing fees. Review the total and if you agree... Click Create Listing to create your listing and go to the fees payment section.


11. Pay Fees

To finalize your listing you must pay your fees. Click the Checkout With Credit Card button to pay the fees. Once paid, your listing will be posted and your auction will start.